Tantallon Village Farmers Market

The Friendly Market - Local food. Local farms. Local fun.

Vendors and friends - Alphabetically

Last year, in 2023, there were over 60 vendors who participated in the market. Below is an alphabetic list of the vendors who are signed up for the market this year but, of course, this is a work in progress and the list will expand as we get closer to June 11th, the opening day of the market. You can also get a list of vendors by category.

If a vendor has a web, facebook, instagram or X (formerly twitter) presence then you can get to it by clicking on the [Web] / [FB] / [Inst] / [𝚾] link following their name.

Vendors marked "(occasional)" will be at the market some, but not all, Tuesdays. Vendors marked "(regular)" will - exceptional circumstances aside - be at the market every Tuesday during the 2024 season unless noted otherwise. For all vendors "Next =" gives the date when this vendor is next scheduled to be at the market; if "n/a" they are not currently scheduled. If the date is followed by *R* this indicates a vendor with rain sensitive product who may not be at the market on that date if rain is forecast. Vendors:39. This page last updated 2024-04-16.

Interested in being a vendor at this well established and dynamic market? Click HERE for all the details.