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First Mealshare event a delightful experience

2012-08-24 by Cam Farnell, tagged as Mealshare

The very first Transition Bay Mealshare event (not sure what Mealshare is? Click the Mealshare link above) went off today without a hitch. A slow food meal was prepared, hosts and guests had a great meal and delightful conversation, there was lots of discussion of solar energy and off grid living.

Preparation of ingredients Starting the lasagna Just sitting down to eat

We didn't actually use all that zucchini, it was just the smallest one we could find in the garden. The menu consisted of:

Given that Mealshare is a new project we had no real idea how well things would go but in fact it went well and a group of people who might not have met otherwise shared a good meal and enjoyable conversation which is what Mealshare is all about. It is also a way to build connections within the community that might not otherwise happen.

Hosting a Mealshare meal is an excellent use for some of those great veggies available at the Tantallon Village Farmers Market! We encourage people to join Mealshare and host or attend a meal.