Tantallon Village Farmers Market

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Launch Planned, Web Site Established

2012-07-11 by Andrea Farnell, tagged as Launch, Web site

After months of behind the scenes organizing and many meetings we have now struck August 7th as the date for the launch of the Tantallon Village Farmers Market. This is later in the year than we would have liked but there was a great deal that needed to be done, we were peddaling as fast as we could, and the devil is always in the details.

In any case, we are very excited to see this project taking shape and look forrward to it becoming a vibrant presence in the Tantallon area.

We recently obtained the internet domain name "TantallonVillageFarmersMarket" and have established this web site to serve as the on-line presence for the Market. It is a work-in-progress which we expect will expand over time.